#FinanceFriday Smart Money in 2024 | Your New Tax Year

05 April 2024 11:00

Smart Money in 2024 | Your New Tax Year 

As we look towards the new tax year of 2024 / 25, we will see a changing political landscape and the introduction of government budget changes on personal finances. With uncertainty and change, there can be confusion and whilst we’re sadly not able to predict the future(!), we can provide you with strategies on how to make the most of your money so you’re on track to achieve your financial aspirations.  

From key deadlines to proactive planning, discovering the latest tax-saving opportunities, learn how to optimise your investments, and explore smart financial decisions that will set you on the path to success in the upcoming year. Arun Johal will delve into the latest tax changes following the government’s financial budget on 6th March, they will also share practical insights on maximising savings allowances and guide you through strategic financial planning for the new tax year.  


What you’ll learn: 

In session, there will be a useful summary of the government’s spring budget announced on 6th March before discussing how you can make the most of tax year 2024/25. Use this session to sharpen your financial plan to make the most of opportunities open to you this year.  



11:00 – 11:15 | Key-note with Arun Johal.

11:15 – 11:30 | Q&A hosted by AAG with Arun.


Who should attend: 

This is an important session for people looking to save & invest wisely, navigating government allowances to make informed and strategic financial decisions.  


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